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Volunteers make Culikid’s programs run! We aim to have a 1:1 volunteer-to-child ratio at our cooking events so each participant can have full attention during the cooking process and assistance making connections with other participants.

You can volunteer for just one event or come back every month. Volunteers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds are welcome. You do not need any previous experience—just time you’re willing to share and a desire to make someone’s day brighter!


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

9/22 @ Hill Country Barbecue
Sign up here.

11/16 @ Print at Ink48 Hotel
Sign up here.

To sign up to volunteer with us in the future, click here.

Culikid will be looking for a weekly, after-school commitment from several high school students in the fall for our Foodie Friends program. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email