Change from within

Our Team




KATYA SCHALTUPER - Executive Director

Originally from Moscow, Katya has a background in brand management in the hospitality sector, combined with sales expertise in luxury fine jewelry and recent experience in project management and development in the non-profit arena. She oversees all development and organizational activities at Culikid. 

KELLEY BLIGH - Associate Director

Kelley has a Master of Social Work and has worked with the special needs population since 2013. She worked at a Brooklyn elementary school and at the JCC Manhattan, where she facilitated a variety of programs, with an emphasis on teen social skill building. She also has years of experience in nonprofit administration and program development. Kelley co-founded Foodie Friends and oversees all of Culikid’s programming.





Katya has broad experience in international finance management, starting from a Big 4 company and then working in an industrial company Switzerland, as well as later leading the Finance team in the IT company and also being an active member of a non-profit organization in Russia.


Robyn is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America. She is currently a private chef and food stylist in film. Robyn has worked on shows such as The Americans, Divorce, Mozart in The Jungle, and more. Previously living in London, she has organized youth and teen engagement programs that focused on education through cooking. Robyn has worked with charities in Costa Rica, Israel, Argentina, and New York.


Prior to co-founding of BRAT WORLDWIDE, Daniel had the opportunity to work with an international client base whose focus ranged from branding and communication/image making to environmental sales experiences. Clients include: Swiss Development Group, FFA Private Bank, Bagatelle Group, Cedra Pharmacy Group, Eko Atlantic and Towers Capital Group.